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We did project management for the development of the blog and rap music database for RapTV.com the owners of @rap on Instagram (7 million followers at the time of writing of this post). It was a large project and features a fully custom and fully dynamic Wordpress theme tailor made exactly according to the clients specifications. Almost nothing on the website is static. The main slider updates automatically based on trending posts - which was a fully custom plugin. The latest posts on the homepage automatically update when a new post for that category is created. It has fully custom modules to pull the latest trending songs and albums directly from the Apple Music API. It has a fully custom module that shows the "Top 10 Trending Rap Videos" which pulls from a Youtube playlist maintained by the RapTV staff, it also updates on the site automatically. It has a database with 300,000 unique records with artist, album, song (meta data), and lyrics. The site designs archived below are from February 2021. We did not archive the mobile view, but the site is fully optimized for display on mobile devices and is fully responsive. The site also has many SEO optimizations based around the Yoast SEO plugin. But we have a fully custom plugin that creates sitemaps for our 300,000+ custom pages and integrates with the Yoast plugin.

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