HDMy Cube Electronics Company

HDMyCube.com Created the company HDMy Cube. It manufactures and sells Digital AV adapters for the Nintendo Gamecube. We have also modified and developed circuit boards for digital (via HDMI) and analog (via Component video) output of the Gamecube for use with the GCVideo firmware by Ingo Korb. The Nintendo Gamecube is a console released in 2001 by Nintendo and as one could imagine the video quality it outputted that was used by almost all users is reflective of the era it was released. It was composite video (1 yellow RCA plug cable) at 480i, this has aged very poorly when used with modern HDTV's. Fortunately the initial release models (DOL-001) of the Gamecube had a 'Digital AV' out port (removed in the later models - DOL-101) that outputted a 480p digital signal opposed to the 'Multi AV' out port that outputs only a 480i analog signal. Using the digital AV out port it is possible to output high quality progressive (scan) digital video over HDMI and Red, Green, and Blue with component video by using the proper circuitry and the GCVideo firmware by Ingo Korb. The adapters this company sells along with others have breathed new life into an aging console that will allow it to be used for many years to come with modern displays. We have also publicly released an open source circuit board design with support for the connector made by our friends at Insurrection Industries. They have completely replicated the OEM Nintento Gamecube Digital AV connector, it is metal making it the best GC Digital AV connector ever released. So we released this PCB for anyone in the community to use.