Fugazi & NKST

This client wanted to seamlessly transition their website and webstore from Squarespace to Shopify. It features an elegant and minimalistic design. Many of the visual page elements and styling they wanted are not offered by out of the box/readily available Shopify themes so much of it is fully custom code. We were able to completely transition them to Shopify and completely re-create the Squarespace design to a custom Shopify theme that addressed all their unique needs. The client releases their clothing and shoes in a flash sale manner so it was imperative they had password protected collection store pages that would only be removed right at the time of the release, we were able to accomplish this. The client also houses 2 brands on the same web store, so they wanted alternate logos and other fine details that differentiate the 2 brands, we were also able to accomplish this.

The Website:



Homepage   Collection Password Page:   Shop Collection Page: This page also features the alternate collection logo in the top right.   Single Product Detail Page: Cart Page:  


Homepage: Mobile Collection Password Page: Mobile Shop Collection Page: Mobile Single Product Page: Mobile Cart Page: