Estrella Sounds

This client came to GS3 and wanted a very aesthetically pleasing design to sell various digital downloads for music producers. In our initial discussions the client referenced several similar competitor websites, but the client was referencing the fact that their designs were outdated and not aesthetically pleasing at all. We took that into consideration and worked with the client to create a much more modern looking "producer kit" download site.  

The Website:



*The desktop screens are too large to attach as images, so we have archived them as PDF*

The homepage:

All Products Page

Single Product Page




Single Product:

Shopify Back-End:

As mentioned at the opening of this portfolio entry, the client referenced several competitor sites that had designs that showed their age, they may have been functional but they did not appear modern, or visually pleasing. GS3 focuses on achieving the best of both worlds, good design and functionality. We faced a challenge on how we could A) allow the client to upload audio tracks to appear on a product page B) create our own unique audio player that matched the clients design reference Fortunately, we were able to find a solution using wavesurfer.js and integrate it with the Shopify back-end using custom fields. So now the client can upload tracks without the need to touch any code whatsoever. Please see the below screenshot: To add a new audio the track the client simply need to click "New Item", enter the track title and direct MP3 URL, and it's done.