Chelsea Drugstore

This client had a new brand they were starting and were looking for a very specific, and unique design to match the unique nature of their clothing and brand image. We collaborated with them to create a fully custom Shopify theme made exactly according to their specifications.  

The Website:



*The desktop screens are too large to attach as images, so we have archived them as PDF*

The homepage:

There is a clip from a movie playing fullscreen in the background, with a high resolution building overlay above it. The building has symbolic meaning to the brand. Clicking the constantly moving baby head image takes the customer to a secret product.

All Products Page

Single Product Page




All Products :

Product Page (Top):

Product Page (Lower):

Shopify Back-End:

In addition to the very unique site design the client wanted an easy way to upload their lookbook and let their customers know what clothes the models are wearing. The client wanted to be able to do this themselves without the need to inquire with GS3 each time they wanted to upload a new lookbook. Using Shopify Liquid code we were able to add additional functionality to the theme so that the client would be able to easily upload infinite lookbook items and easily note the items of clothing without the need for any coding. We are able to add functionality like this to any part of a theme that may typically need coding to update. Please watch the video demonstration of this feature below: